Fuji Frontier minilab

You have a minilab Fuji Frontier 350. Need chemistry to that of lab. What chemicals should You buy ?

You have a minilab Fuji Frontier 350. You bought it. Now you need to buy chemicals and photographic technician to invite him started. How to buy chemistry? Does it matter? Unfortunately, no. For this minilab use the proper chemistry adapted to the minilab or chemistry CP48. It is the chemicals in cartridges CP48 with a strictly defined structure. Single cartridge contains three plastic containers concentrates with:

1 - developer
2 - bleach refresher part 1
3 - bleach refresher part 2

After placing the cartridge in Fuji minilab Frontier is reversed upside down protective plastic caps are pierced and concentrate flows into the tank regeneration. Then minilab automatically adds water to the specified volume. As the shooting prepared solutions are dispensed to tanks which is implemented process paper processing.

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